Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Which I Leave My Bloggish Safety Zone and Curate an Actual Art Exhibit

The Houston Fringe Festival is a very cool event. Some readers may recall that I attended and blogged about it (here, here, here, here, and here) last year. This year is is expanding to four weekends from August 19 to September 11. And I'm sure it will be amazing.

But what is most exciting for me is that I'm going to be involved. No--don't worry. I'm not dancing. Definitely not. Oh no no no. Nope.

I will be curating the festival's art exhibit. The theater has a long wide hallway that kind of goes nowhere (actually it goes to other rooms that won't be open during the performances). So my job is to gather art for this space. It's an interesting challenge, but one I think I'm up to. I have only started thinking about the artists I might want. Right now I have a big fat list of disparate artists--I plan to winnow it down to four to six artists whose work I think would be interesting if shown simultaneously. Most (if not all) the artists will be Houston-based--there is a rich pool of talent here.

I suspect I have will have some new readers Wednesday (if all goes according to schedule). I've been saving this announcement for you all. I hope to see you in August at Frenetic Theater.

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