Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No Art In Houston

Robert Boyd

That was Really Red from 1981. Really Red was one of Houston's earliest punk bands. The lyrics may be a bit hard to understand, so here they are written out:


I turn my radio on
Shitty klol
They don't like the music
Want the ears of the stupid

No culture Houston!
Only hollow shells!
No art in Houston
Except the kind that sells

I go to an art museum
It's more like a mausoleum
Three canvas's in a row
A million dollars worth of snow
The modern period's dead
Can't they get that through their heads?
This junk ain't art
I'd rather hear Van Gogh fart

I turn my TV on
I turn it right back off
It's such a waste of time
I'd rather be jacking off
They're all built on money
They're all built on cash
I want every TV in the city smashed

The symphony is fine
But it may be a dead art form
The ballet is beautiful
It's the audience I scorn
I didn't get invitations
From Miss Ima Hogg
Hit the street
Just a cut above a dog

The lyrics were by non-band member Perry Webb. He was in a band called Culturcide. These days, he goes by the name Mark Flood.


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  1. Hell yeah, punk on Pan. I first heard these guys on "Let Them Eat Jellybeans." They were harsh. Funny that many people into this type of music are currently artists.