Wednesday, October 28, 2015

EXU has arrived

Robert Boyd

EXU cover by Ike Morgan

I've written about it and talked about it, but now it's really here. EXU is a 48 pages tabloid magazine that I have published featuring art, photography, prose and comics by a large group of artists, mostly from Houston. I see EXU as a logical continuance of The Great God Pan Is Dead. It fills spaces that Pan doesn't: Pan is virtual, EXU is physical; Pan is critical content, EXU is artistic content; Pan is free, you have to pay for EXU. (And it's worth it!)

Scott Gilbert's first new comic in years

Right now, EXU is available at the Menil Collection Bookstore in Houston, TX. It will be available in other retail outlets soon both in Houston and beyond. And you can order a copy directly from me from my online store.

art by JooYoung Choi

art by Fernando Ramirez

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