Friday, August 13, 2021

Real Estate Art: 13342 Hopes Creek Road, College Station

 Robert Boyd

I was intrigued flipping through by this huge, futuristic house out near Texas A&M. I hoped they might have an art collection--a house that big on a lot that big (317 acres) has room to have some Storm King-sized sculpture. No such luck--the most sculptural thing on the property was the house itself. (At least, in the photos they showed.) 

It looks like a stealth bomber landed on the prairie.

The art shown on the inside is not immediately familiar to me. If I were the type of person who could afford a seven million dollar house like this, I would invest in some sleek sculpture (maybe a Roxy Paine) and an big Julie Mehretu inside.

Here's what they have that they showed in the photos on HAR.

But I think the current owner would agree that the right kind of art for the inside of this is abstract art.


 But they also display a little pretty photography.

And if the landscape visible right outside the huge windows is inadequate, they hang a couple of landscape painting.

I do not recognize any of the artists of these works, nor the architect (whose name is apparently not a selling point--it's not mentioned on HAR). Do any readers have any insight they could share?

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