Friday, June 3, 2011

The Great God Pan Is Linked

by Robert Boyd

Hey, that's my beat! Claire Ruud takes a detailed look at the 990s (the forms nonprofits submit each year to the IRS) for Arthouse and the Dallas Contemporary over at Glasstire. Very interesting. She points out that it is hard to tell when revenue is for operating expenses and when it is for capital expenditures based on the 990. In the case of Arthouse, she should be able to derive the capex by looking at their assets from year to year--after building their new building, their assets will have jumped by a lot. That "jump" is equal to the capex. (The 990 essentially combines elements of an income statement, a balance sheet, and a statement of cash flow--so for a forensic accountant, including an amateur one like me, part of what you do in looking at them is to try to recreate the more traditional accounting statements from them.) (Glasstire)

Speaking of taxes... Longtime art curmudgeon Charlie Finch has a suggestion for what Western institutions can do about Ai Wei Wei's situation--stop paying taxes to the Chinese government. He writes, "I respectfully call on Pace Gallery chairman Arne Glimcher, a man quite familiar, through his family history, of the lethal actions promulgated by fascist governments, whose art operations have been at the vanguard of the Chinese contemporary art scene, to direct Pace not to pay any taxes to the Chinese government until Ai Weiwei and his associates are freed and the charges against them permanently dropped." (Artnet)

Laurel Nakadate

Crybaby. Photographer/video artist/exploiter Laurel Nakadate has been on a crying jag... for art. "'I guess it's not a secret anymore, that I cried on each day of the year 2010,' says Laurel Nakadate, whose photographic record of those tearful months is currently on view both at MoMA PS1 and Leslie Tokonow gallery in New York. 'I did it as a performance, as a personal moment each day, a moment in which I deliberately took part in sadness.'" I would please me to think that at least some of her crying was done after reading this or this.But I suspect her supreme indifference to other people means that she's mainly been crying all the way to the bank. (Artinfo)

Set the Date: If you haven't started taking healthy, stress-relieving regular naps by October 21st, you will be caught up in the Napture--a world-wide event of permanent insomnia. So sayeth Emily Sloan, head of the Southern Naptist Convention. (Artists are on the vanguard of this pro-napping movement, for some reason.) It's not to late to repent! (Emily Sloan)


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