Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Days to See Walpurgis Afternoon: The Art of Jim Woodring and Marc Bell

by Robert Boyd

Walpurgis Afternoon

Tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday are the last days you can see Walpurgis Afternoon, the art exhibit I curated featuring the work of two brilliant cartoonists, Jim Woodring and Marc Bell. It's up at Lawndale Art Center, which is on Main a few blocks south of Richmond and a few blocks north of the Museum of Fine Arts. If you haven't seen it yet, this is you last chance!

Walpurgis Afternoon

I had a blast putting it together. I've known Jim Woodring for about 20 years (!) and met Marc Bell for the first time when I contact him for this show--but he was an artist whose work I had adored for many years. They both were totally game guests and got to meet and hang out a bit with many of Houston's hardest partying artists. And let's not forget the amazing giant pen performance!

Walpurgis Afternoon

So if you haven't seen it, skip work and come on down. And if you have seen it, come see it again--I bet there were some details you missed the first time around!


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