Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The screed that "Uriel Landeros 'Houston We Have a Problem'" has become

Dean Liscum and Robert Boyd

art by Uriel Landeros that cannot by vandalized, no matter how hard you try

OMG! Clear you calendar for Friday, October 26th at 7 p.m. to see the show "Houston We Have A Problem" by artist and accused vandal Uriel Landeros. I'm warning you that it's invitation only so bring bribes. Pimp out your younger brother or sister, sell your spare canvas, barter an acetylene torch and a cat that's addicted to turpentine, craig's list your iPhone 5, or whatever. Just do what you got to do to acquire enough cash / liquor / spray paint / drugs / lubricant / leather / anything to grease the palms of the door man and gain access because this has got to be the opening of the year.

Why? Because you want to be there to see what inspired the all out screed that has been running in the comments section of the FB invite.

James ArtGallery (formerly CuetoJames Gallery) invited people and then was a bit shocked when they received a hostile reaction.

Initially, James Perez (half of the ownership of CuetoJames) was "blacklisting" anyone who made a negative comment about the show.

Sergio Cornejo stated the obvious.

Which lead to the admission that Perez' partner, Rafael Cueto, had pulled out of the partnership over this. Perez remained defiant even after his partner quit in disgust.

Abuse rained down, ranging from the rational...

To the visual...

Of course, many attacked Landeros directly.

Lopez is responding to Landeros' bizarre video confession in which he explained that he spray-painted Picasso because of the drug war in Mexico.

The most powerful voice against Landeros came from a former teacher who was actually quite sympathetic.

But all through it were Perez's shifting statements, going from crassly materialistic to political to just plain ignorant and intolerant.

Perez explains art to you.

That was over 12 hours ago, but you can still read the posts if you want to delve deeper.

It will take place at...

Cuetojames Art Gallery
2500 Summer St
Houston TX 77007
2nd floor unit 212

You might even want to camp over-night if for no other reason than you're probably not gonna be branded a "nihilistic fucktard hipster" or a "mimbo" if you stroll up at 6:59 p.m. with a wine cooler in hand.

So show up. Bum rush the door. Be a part of the dialog. Tell them that the Great God Pan is Dead sent you.

"I'm ready for the Prado, Mr. DeMille!"--another masterwork by Uriel Landeros



  1. I love the comment from the teacher. "Namaste, dude" nails it.

    Did you read this:http://blogs.houstonpress.com/artattack/2012/10/uriel_landeros_planning_art_show.php

    That gallery guy sounds like a real piece of work. Here's the money quote:

    "No one has any idea what his cause is," Perez said, getting a little testy. "I don't give a shit! I don't give a fuck! He wants to represent the underdog. It's hard to know what it's about, and that's why he comes off as an idiot."

  2. That was a good article. It seems like Perez thought this would be a nice show with some good publicity and wasn't at all prepared for the hostility he is recieving. He certainly didn't think it through in terms of why he is doing this.

    1. Much like his little vandal protege. I really hope you go. I want a full report on this farce.

  3. I understand that Perez is likely an idiot, and obviously Landeros is, but he's certainly aware that it's a shitstorm now. Plenty of time to say "you know, this wasn't as well thought out as I appreciated." 'Course every art rag in the city will show up.

  4. Sounds like James Perez is in the last throws of syphilis, and the whole thing reeks with undeserved attention for a lackluster artist. Playing the Devil's advocate however, what the Picasso defacer did is an extreme example of something that is supported on this very blog- artistic expropriation of another artist's work. Some people rip cartoons, others rip an entire style, performance artists crash other artists' shows and call it their own. Vampirism of artistic working capital abounds! Give a blow job! Secretly pay a gallerist for a vanity solo show! Whatever you do, avoid integrity. Don't try to improve your aesthetic or conceptual skills, or attempt to come up with your own ideas because "it's all been done." Therefore, the theoretical underpinnings of the defacer's practice are well established. In my opinion, it's the desperation of the artist's career path, and his attempt to take a publicity stunt short cut that really has people pissed off- a subconscious "geez, why didn't I think of that." If anyone involved had even a touch of linguistic eloquence to explain a well thought out sorta political reasoning thingy behind the vandalism, The Station Museum would be the venue. . .

  5. Please show me where this blog supports "expropriation"? In any case, I can't think of an example of us supporting an extreme examples of anything, although opinions may differ. After all, taking something to the extreme often undermines it. There is nothing wrong with disliking someone, for example, but disliking someone so much that you kill them is obviously wrong. Likewise, an artist may dislike--even loathe--Picasso. But attacking a Picasso painting--an extreme act--is clearly wrong. And that is the opinion of this blog--Uriel Landeros's act was wrong.

  6. I would try not to park inside the Summer St Studios lot when coming to this show. I read a comment online that someone was planning to throw a bunch of screws around its parking lot that night, flat tire vandalism, lol

  7. Don't know about screws in the parking lot but, from what I've read, Perez's gallery and car will probably be tagged. Perez basically stated that destruction is a revolutionary movement... curious to see how he takes it.

  8. I'm not sure what's worse: a sad album art little guy misconstruing an act of vandalism as art-protest, a PT Barnum chucklehead opening his "space" or an arty/harpy mob stepping over one another to twit out their hate in defense of "genius."
    This appears to be Houston's very own Pussy Riot cause celebre, only--confusingly--in this cast, Picasso appears the closest thing to a Putin simulacrum and the mob wants to immolate a pathetic anarchi-punk.

    Houston arties, let the poor kid have a nice, empty show, whilst, y'all relax and work out your bloodletting with a greasy burger and, perhaps, reruns of a few state executions(of innocents, mind you). Defacing a holy work is neither a sin nor a political act; it is a cry for help--no matter how rotten a work or how discourteous it is to hospitality. I can understand loyalty to the Menil, but wanting to go all Bachnaal on an attempted suicide for bloodstains on the tarmac and for wasting a copper's time is remarkably twisted.

    Just so I understand a complete narrative, if the guy jumps off an overpass, forlorn, lachrymose over his now hopeless career will the tweets have been worth it, will the righteous be able to walk away, with heads high with stupendous muttering: "he got what he deserved"?

  9. Why is no one talking about how fucking bad his actual art is. Bad painting in almost every regard.

    1. well...vandalism, controversy and ridiculous statements aside, this guy's art is really bad.