Dean Liscum

I'm a self-appointed art appreciator, which makes me both and neither an art critic and art reviewer.

I'm interested in what aesthetically interests me. If this sounds like a self-absorbed will to ignorance, it is. My blog entries are philosophical and personal explorations into aesthetics inspired by art in the Houston scene. I do not pretend to be an arbiter of good taste or judge of good art. I have only my aesthetic experience to draw from and so I do. I'm just trying to understand my own aesthetic judgment and reactions in the exhibitionist format of the one does in the 21st century.

Professionally, I've done everything from dig ditches to design software user interfaces. Currently, I do marketing automation, which is another word for spam. Recreationally, I write fiction, run/bike/swim (often in escape mode), and volunteer with such organizations as Bootown  and Voices Breaking Boundaries. I've also been known to pimp myself out to support local arts and crafts merchants such as Hello-Lucky.

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