Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pan Recommends for the week of January 10 to January 16

Robert Boyd

Busy weekend ahead for art. Here are some of the shows we're looking forward to.


The Bridge Club, The Voyage Out II, 2012, archival digital print, 24" x 36"

The Bridge Club: Still at Art Palace, 6 pm, through February 16. The Bridge Club, a four-woman performance group noted for their very deliberate performances (and their wigs) are performing again at Art Palace as well as displaying a selection of "stills" from their previous performances.


Ian Hamilton Findlay and George Oliver, Arcadia, 1973, silkscreen print on paper

Ian Hamilton Finlay: Printed Works at Hiram Butler Gallery, 11 am, runs through February 23. I'm not sure if the print above will be in this show, but any show by this late post-modern neo-neoclassicist is worth checking out, in my opinion.

Clifford Owens, Photographs With an Audience (New York) (detail), 2008-09

Clifford Owens, Anthology at the CAMH at 2 pm. Clifford Owens performs as part of the CAMH's Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art. This particular performance is the performance equivalent of a singer doing a covers album.

Devon Britt-Darby, Trust Exercises

Devon Britt-Darby, Keepsakes from Several Occasions at PG Contemporary (Milam St. location) at 6 pm. PG Contemporary's old location with one final show will close out with a bang with a show featuring Devon Britt-Darby, former Houston Chronicle art critic and central figure in The Art Guy's Marry a Tree affair. I'm looking forward to a spectacle, if not an outright scandal!

Maggie Taylor, Small Boat Waiting, 2012, inkjet print

Maggie Taylor, No Ordinary Days at Catherine Courtier Gallery at 6 pm, runs through February 9. Maggie Taylor returns for a new exhibit of her gently surreal painterly photo-collages.

What exhibits will you be seeing this weekend?


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