Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pan Recommends for the week of July 18 to July 24

Robert Boyd

Last weeks was all about commercial galleries and big institutions. This week shifts the focus somewhat to alternative events and venues: performance, artist run spaces, unjuried shows, etc. Here are a few of this weekend's events.


The Art Guys "Never Not Funny" at NotsuoH, 4 pm to midnight. The latest of the Art Guys' celebration of 30 years together is a durational performance--8 hours of stand-up comedy. (Will there be any young whippersnapper performance artists simultaneously doing 8 hours of heckling?)


Forsman & Brodenfors, with Evelina Bratell (stylist) and Carl Kleiner (photographer), "Homemade Is Best," 2010

Graphic Design-Now in Production at the CAMH, including but not limited to Albert Exergian, Jürg Lehni and Alex Rich, Anthony Burrill, Pedro Fernandes, and Irma Boom, 6-9 pm, running hrough September 29. Well, this is something quite different--a show full of things that are designed to be visually interesting conveyers of information. It's nice to see this kind of artistic production acknowledged by art museums every now and then.

James McNeill Whistler, Symphony in White, No. 1: The White Girl -- this masterpiece was in the first Salon des Refusés

Salon des Refusés 2013, part 1, with Le'Ann Alexander, Jim Arp, Missy Bosch, JB Carrillo, Monica Chhay, Sarah Cloutier, Felipe Contreras, Jenna Jacobs, Rachel Jahan-Tigh Vines, Bartz Johnson, Jeremy Keas, Peter Lucas, Rob McDonald, Tracey Meyer, Lorena Morales, Michel Muylle, Christopher Olivier, Donna Perkins, Kelyne Reis, Will Schorre, Robert Sennhauser, Brian Sensabaugh & James Scott, Herbert Shapiro, Rosalind Speed, Alexine Stevens, Kamila Szczena, The Human Tour - Carrie Schneider & Alex Tu, Donna Villarreal, Dandee Warhol and Mary Beth Woiccak at BLUEorange, 6 pm. For the past few years, some gallery someplace has shown work that was not accepted for the Big Show. This year it's BLUEorange, and they are splitting their Salon des Refusés into four 1-week exhibits, starting this weekend.

VILD's sculpture made of test tubes was shown at the Matchbox Gallery at Rice

VILD, Submerged: origins of a Species at Fresh Arts, 6 pm. VILD are a pair of Rice undergrads, Vinita Israni and Linh Tran Do, and this installation involves a combination of art and science which is the kind of brainiac art you might expect from Rice students (at least Rice students who, unlike me, aren't spending their undergraduate years in a haze of alcohol and THC).

I have no idea what this is, but it was on the Error Forest Facebook page...

Error Forest with Jonathan Jindra, Sandy Ewen, Pablo Gimenez Zapiola, Y.E. Torres, Robert Pearson and Marisa R. Miller at El Rincón Social, starting at 8:30 pm. Performances, projections, sound installations and musical performances. The invite suggests dressing lightly--El Rincón Social is an unairconditioned space, if I recall correctly.

Art As Sacrifice featuring over 100 artists at Hardy & Nance Studios, 7 pm.  This event, organized by Pete Gershon, Stephanie Darling and the Hardy and Nance Studios is a giant art swap organized as a tribute to the late art scenester Anthony Palasota.


CC aka Countercrawl 8, starting at Market Square Park (300 Travis St.) and leaving at 11:30am sharp, wandering thence to various locations and featuring Thien, Bryan Lee, Renee' Cosette, Jacqueline Jai, Emmannuel Nuno Arambula, Traci Matlock, Linda Cornflake, Noah D. Clough, Unna Bettie, Hilary Scullane, Y.E. Torres and more. Music, art, poetry, performance and bicycles combine for the 8th time for an afternoon/evening of fun.

Jason Villegas, I think...

Jason Villegas: Nouveau Jersey at Settlement Goods, 6–9 pm. The master of the polo shirt returns, this time not at a fancy art gallery like McClain but at a fancy clothes and stuff shop, Settlement Goods. Being irremediably unfashionable, this will be my first time stepping foot into this place of business.


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