Saturday, July 16, 2011

Various Random Arts Seen in the Last Two Weeks

by Robert Boyd

It has been an art-filled two weeks, Pan readers. There are several reviews in line, but before I got to them, I just wanted to pay homage to a few random pieces of art that I saw recently.

Mary McCleary
Mary McCleary, Tower, mixed media collage on paper, 2011

Mary McCleary's work is always a pleasure to look at. This one is hanging in the middle gallery at Moody Gallery. (And for $60,000 it can be yours!)

Dario Robleto
Dario Robleto, Defiant Gardens, mixed media, 2011

When I write "mixed media" in regard to this work by Dario Robleto, I am taking a liberty. As anyone who has ever checked out a work by Robleto knows, he lists every bizarre ingredient on the little information tag--and this list is essential to the art. You might even say the list is part of the art. Here's what he made Defiant Gardens from:
Cut paper, homemade paper (pulp made from soldiers' letters sent home and wife/sweetheart letters sent to soldiers from various wars, cotten), carrier pigeon skeletons, WWII pigeon message capsules, dried flowers braided by war widows, mourning dress fabric, excavated shrapnel and bullet lead from various battlefields, various seeds, various seashells, cartes de visites, gold leaf, silk, ribbon, wood, glass, foam core, glue
You can see Defiant Gardens in the rear gallery at Inman Gallery.

Jules Buck Jones
Jules Buck Jones, Great Grey, ink on paper, 2010

Jules Buck Jones drew these owls with spooky blank eyes. I include them here because I like owls. (Did you know that Jules Buck Jones was a member of Boozefox?) You can see his work now at McMurtrey Gallery.

Rachel Hecker
Rachel Hecker, Jesus, 2011

This was what I saw (when I used the flash on my camera) at The Chapel, Rachel Hecker's residency at Many Mini. This was the description:
For two hours, the residency space will be converted into an ecumenical/non-denominational chapel for prayer, worship, meditation, or quiet reflection. The centerpiece of the chapel will be a painting of Jesus based on a photograph of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. The Rev. Rachel Hecker has received the Credentials of Ministry from the Universal Life Church, and will perform ministerial services, as requested.
My photo above is a misrepresentation. The only light in the room was from candles and a little light leaking in from outside. It was a gloomy environment. Hecker had three rows of hard wooden pews (her denomination must be quite staunch--no fancy padded pews for the congregants). This was a one-night-only even, but I'm sure this painting (and more like it) will be on display somewhere sometime soon. Probably Texas Gallery.Here's what it looked like--sort of--in the dark.

Rachel Hecker
Rachel Hecker, Jesus, 2011


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