Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pan Recommends for the week of September 20 through September 26

The staff of Pan recommends the following artistic happenings for your viewing pleasure.

Lode Runner by Mike Beradino at Emergency Room at 7 pm, Thursday, September 20. I'm not sure I quite understand the description of this work by Rice visiting lecturer Mike Beradino, so I'm just going to reproduce it here: "This work is a virtual currency-mining rig, utilizing a computer that is dedicated to the production of a type of money called BitCoin. These BitCoins are collected, then exchanged for real gold, resulting in a sculpture that produces a growing pile of gold." That doesn't sound quite as fun as popping balloons with a laser, but I'm intrigued!

Breaking the Big Geode! by Kia Neill at Box 13, Saturday, September 22, 1 to 4 pm. If you ever wanted to construct you own Sleestak environment, now's your chance to acquire some glowy cave walls. Kia Neill has installed various versions of her cave in venues in Houston and Austin, and is now disassembling it for the last time. But you can buy chunks of it pretty cheap!

Galapagos by {Exurb} at El Rincón Social from midnight Friday to midnight Saturday (September 22). Three members of artist collective {exurb} will be locked in El Rincón Social building an as yet undetermined installation. And you can watch!

Text of Light at the Barnevelder Movement Arts Complex at 7:30 pm Saturday, September 22. Text of Light is a group of musicians formed in 2001 for the specific purpose of improvising to the films of Stan Brakhage. The musicians are Tim Barnes (Louisville) on drums, Ulrich Krieger (Los Angeles) on saxophone & electronics, Alan Licht (New York) on guitar, and Lee Ranaldo (New York) guitar. The word that comes to mind is "rad!"

Visible Unseen by Regina Agu at the Spacetaker ARC at 6 pm, Saturday, September 22. Nine drawings and collages (featuring images from vintage biology and medical texts) by Regina Agu will be displayed. Her work is described as being roted in her interest in "mythology, futurism, science-fiction, and scientific frameworks," which sounds pretty cool to me.

On Walden Pond group exhibit at Rudolph Blume at 6 pm, Saturday, September 22. Featuring work by Martin Amorous, Joanne Brigham, Tudor Mitroi & Seth Mittag, who ask what would escaping to Walden Pond and living life deliberately look like today?

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