Sunday, March 22, 2015

Toppled Twombly

Robert Boyd

Devon Britt-Darby posted the following comment on Facebook today: "The Menil Collection's reinstallation of its modern and contemporary galleries is earth-shatteringly amazing. I don't think they've ever looked that good." He wrote this about an hour ago. Twenty minutes ago, as I write this, something or someone caused a Cy Twombly sculpture, Untitled (1954), to fall over. John Hovig was there and texted me this: "Just 5m ago someone knocked over the old cy twombly sculpture in the newly-rearranged modern gallery. I think someone fell. I heard it, loud crash, but didn't see it. But I see it lying on the ground." He took this photo of the damage. It don't look good.

Cy Twombly, untitled, 1954 (on the floor in the background). Photo by John Hovig.

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