Friday, July 8, 2011

This Weekend is Going to Be Bananas

This is the weekend of ArtHouston, a weekend where pretty much every gallery in town has an opening. Seeing it all it going to be a serious trek. The ArtHouston website shows thirty five participating galleries. I personally plan on seeing twenty five openings this weekend, not to mention several artists talks and the start of the Many Mini residencies at Skydive. (Not to mention writing my review of The Big Show, which opened last week.) But for those of you less crazy energetic than I, here are a few recommendations:

29th Annual Juried Exhibition at the Houston Center for Photography. This is sort of HCP's own Big Show. Last year's juried exhibition was excellent.
(plus you can't go wrong if you visit either the Main Street Galleries or the Montrose Galleries.)

A Pixilated Bunch at Ggallery. This is a group show of emerging Houston artists, put together by Sapphire Williams, whose work has intrigued me when I've seen it.
Use Your Illusion at Colton & Farb. Curator Paul Horn has put together a very intriguing bunch of artists, including Daniel Johnston, Matt Messinger and Trey Speegle.
Lester Marks at New Gallery. This will definitely be one of the most talked-about shows, as self-aggrandizing collector Lester Marks exhibits his photos. I wonder how hard it was for him to find a gallery?
Visual Vitriol at Domy. A book launch  for Visual Vitriol, a book on punk rock visual culture (band flyers, I assume)  by David Ensminger (former member of Really Red and the Mydolls).

Many Mini at Skydive. This is the week-long multi-artist residency. It has public hours listed--if you are really hardcore, you can show up at midnight Saturday night and stay until 8 am (if I'm reading the schedule correctly). Less hardcore folks can check out the residencies from 1 to 9 pm. (And, of course, Many Mini will be running all next week.) During some of these times, you will simply be able to observe the artist(s) at work, but some are real events--performances or relational artworks. Some audience participation may be required!

Say... You say you are interested in art? You have "ideas" and "theories" and "opinions" and even "judgments" about art? And you like to write? Well, there is no way that fellow blogger Dean Liscum and I will cover everything we see this weekend. So if you have the urge and you have the knack--drop me a line at!


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