Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Real Estate Art: 2630 West Lane Pl.

Robert Boyd

Swamplot caught this one. This Afton Oaks townhouse is packed with art, some of which looks familiar.

For instance, the blue-grey painting in the top center of the photo above looks like a Dorothy Hood. Is it?

And this red painting with torn white lace on it--could it be a Mark Flood?

The rest of the art doesn't appear familiar to me. So as usual, I'm tossing it out to you readers. Do you recognize any of the art in this house? Were my guesses right?

Update: The red piece on top of the cabinets is a Laura Lark, who happens to have a show up now at Devin Borden Gallery.


  1. Laura Lark beyond the hanging pans

  2. If these are the patio homes I'm thinking of (and I'm pretty sure they are), they were designed by Talbott Wilson, who also designed the Astrodome. Built in the 80s. Can't remember the name of the painter of the white piece, but I think all your other art IDs are correct. Love the blue velvet upholstery they've got going on.

    1. Swamplot suggested it was by the Astrodome architects, too.