Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Real Estate Art: 1535 Milford St.

Robert Boyd

One again HAR provides us a glimpse at someone's art collection in their real estate photos. The house at 1535 Milford, designed by Natalye Appel, is for sale. Swamplot reported on it, which tipped me off to the art collection within.

The picture by the staircase is Fanny by Chuck Close--but not the original, which is huge. Did Close produce smaller-scale prints of it?

There is another small-sized Chuck Close image in the house, his portrait Phil (of Philip Glass). The original was painted in 1969, but he has returned to it several times since. Those are the only two pieces I recognize.

But we may assume the owners have a thing for portraits, because this room has a striking large-scale frontal portrait.

The bedrooms also have some pieces of art, but nothing I recognize.

And these five phones on the wall below surely aren't functional. I assume they are a piece of artwork or at least meant to be decorative.

One Swamplot commenter said, "They need to dial-down the phony d├ęcor." Which raises the question, is this actually someone's art collection? Or is this a bunch of stuff hung up by the realtor to make the property look attractive? I don't know. I leave that to you readers. Does anyone know who owns this house? Is this their artwork? Can you identify any of the pieces shown?


  1. The black violins paintings could be by local artist Rachel Ranta... maybe?

  2. Violins and trees by Rodger Schultz, BOY (portrait of a Cambodian boy taken from a mugshot before he was executed by Pol Pot) by Jeff Huntington, the Close pics are archival prints taken from the slides owned by the National gallery (anyone can check out slides), the large cherry tree in the living room is from High Fashion Home, the phones were done by the owner. Source -> I am close friends with them