Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Real Estate Art: 2001 Holcombe Blvd., #3201

Robert Boyd

Leave it to Swamplot to find the most interesting properties on HAR. In this case, it's a condo in the Medical Center on Holcombe, and it's packed with artwork. However, I couldn't recognize any of it. So I throw it out to you, Great God Pan Is Dead readers. Do you recognize any of the art in these photos?

The living room has this large blue abstraction, which is a little Hans Hoffman-lite.

More art in the entryway. Notice the little dog sculpture. Update: a commenter identified the dog as a piece of furniture. It's a child's chair designed by Eero Aarnio. You can buy one here for $89.

The piece on the right appears to be on an inset shelf, which makes me think that the owner of the condo had it built specially for this sculpture. (Or I might be reading the image completely wrong.)

The glowing round sculpture shows up in many of the photos. It apparently changes color. Personally, I'd find that a little irritating, but to each his own...

Here it is again, along with a vertically striped abstract painting. You can see a neon piece above the window. I wonder why they left it off but kept the round sculpture on. (Notice that no wires are visible for either piece--did the owner build electrical outlets right behind the sculptures? If so, it gives them a sleek appearance.)

It's pink...

Then green.

Pink again. Notice the small sculpture to the left.

Here's the neon sculpture again: "Happiness is expensive". Sort of the motto of the ruling class. Update: Kristopher Benson, the NOAA scientist I once accompanied on an expedition to find Forrest Bess's cabin,  pointed out on Facebook that this piece was by Alejandro Diaz, and in fact may have been purchased at the Glasstire Auction in 2012!

Amazing what you can do with a wide angle lens. This kitchen looks like it's 50 yards long.

The bedroom is designed so that you can screw while admiring a fantastic view of Houston. Therefore all the art is above the headrest or off to the side.

The double-chair office set-up is interesting.

Somewhat lighthearted, cartoony art in the bathroom. Personally, I am reluctant to hang art in the bathroom--I'm always afraid it will get damaged by the steam from the shower.

Anyway, I'm perplexed--usually I can identify at least one or two pieces in these real estate photos, but none of this art is familiar. Any guesses?


  1. Here's the doggy by the door:

  2. The sculptural piece on the inset shelf looks like Vitra's Algue:

  3. Here are some of the artists in this condo...the changing light piece is a Phillip K Smith III. The abstract next to the Diaz neon is a Tim Bavington, and the piece above the puppy at the end of hallway is a David Allen Peters. The two bathroom pieces are a Joey Mars on the left and a Mackenzie Thorpe above the toilet.