Sunday, November 18, 2018


Robert Boyd

Art and money are inextricably intertwined. Over the years, as readers of this blog know, I've tackled these subjects frequently. What doesn't interest me much are big auctions and blue chip artists and galleries and the money there. I am more interested in the small scale. How does an artist get paid? How does she not become discouraged and give up? And also I'm interested in the economics of art in the community. How do artists feed gentrification? How do artists take over discarded industrial spaces and what does that mean for a community? And how effective are social practices that have a goal of affecting a community in a positive way?

This is the cover of my new zine. It has 5 essays, four of them from this blog and one was commissioned for a book that never got published. That article is "The Five Labors of the Phoenix Commotion" and I'm really happy to finally make it public. The zine can be ordered online for $5 plus shipping. Check it out!

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