Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Robert Boyd's Book Report: Grip

 Robert Boyd

Today's book report is about Grip by Lale Westvind. I found out about this book from the podcast Comic Books Are Burning in Hell, where they ranked the then unfinished work as one of the 10 best comics of 2020.

(Addendum: Someone told me that Lale's name is pronounced La-Ley and that Westvind uses they/them pronouns. So given this, I mispronounce their name throughout and misgender them--for which I apologize. What can I say? It's hard to find information about Westvind online.)

(Addendum 2: Westvind responded below and writes "I do not use they, them pronouns... And my name is pronounced Lah-leh.")


  1. Hello, I do not use they, them pronouns or I should say I do not mind using they or them but I do not mind she either and it is what I am used to. And my name is pronounced Lah-leh.

  2. Thanks for responding, and again, sorry about mispronouncing your name!

  3. No apology necessary! It would be an absolute shock if you got it right :)