Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Real Estate Art: 2521 Westgate Drive

 Robert Boyd

This house is on the edge of River Oaks and can be yours for just four million dollars. The current owner has packed the house with art. I can't identify any of the art, although a couple of pieces might be photos by MANUAL (Ed Hill and Suzanne Bloom). 

I wish I could see this extremely colorful painting head on. I have no clue who painted it, but it's a bold statement.

UPDATE: Both Scott Gilbert and Alison de Lima Greene identify the tall blue and green painting on the right as by Liz Ward.

The work over the mantle is the first piece that I thought might be a MANUAL.

Most of the art here has been 2-dimensional, but here is a sculpture.

I think the photo of books over the bed is by MANUAL.

Yet another bright-colored painting that flies off the white wall. UPDATE: Alison de Lima Greene tells me that this is a Michael Kennaugh painting. Interestingly, Kennaugh, MANUAL, and Liz Ward are all represented by Moody Gallery. I wonder if a close examination of some of the other art in this house would show that they are by other artists represented by Moody Gallery.

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