Sunday, December 9, 2012

Selling Art in Hotel Rooms Seems Like a Good Idea to Me

Robert Boyd

Mark Flood in a room at the Deauville Beach Resort (photo by Julia Halperin)

People keep sending me this photo from Artinfo of Mark Flood's hotel room installation at the Deauville Beach Resort (upstairs from NADA) in Miami. The idea being that Flood was inspired by the Pan Art Fair (which included three of his paintings, courtesy of Front Gallery). According to Artinfo,
The mini-show has not been publicized and visitors can only see it if they are accompanied by a staffer from Zach Feuer Gallery, which is participating in the fair downstairs.
Both the exhibition and the signs toy with the idea of “going viral,” according to the gallery. Flood hoped that people would leave the “LIKE” signs lying around various Miami Beach hot spots, and news of the exhibition would slowly leak out without advance press. ["Mark Flood Installs Ad-Hoc Exhibition in Miami Hotel Room [UPDATED]," Julia Halperin, BlouinArtinfo, 12/2/2012]
The Pan Art Fair may have been the proximate inspiration, but let's face it--hotel art sales have been a thing for a long, long time. And there is one big difference between Flood's Miami show and the Pan Art Fair--Flood actually sold some paintings in Miami. No one in Houston was willing to write that big check, alas!

Another view of the Flood hotel room show from the Tuesday After


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