Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pan Recommends for the week of June 20 to June 26

Robert Boyd

Here a few art things to do this weekend. 


Britt Ragsdale, Run Through 1, from The Chase series, 2013, video. Photo courtesy of the artist 

Playback: An exhibition of new video works by Britt Ragsdale, curated by Paul Middendorf at Fresh Arts' Winter Street Gallery, 6 to 8 pm (runs through July 12). Britt Ragsdale's videos dissect popular film culture by laser focusing on one specific part of that language--being chased in The Chase series or romantic embraces in Duets.

LaToya Ruby Frazier, Holland Avenue Parking Lot, 2011. Silver gelatin print, 30 x 40 inches

LaToya Ruby Frazier: Witness at CAMH, 6:30 to 9:00 pm. You're thinking, summer's going great! I'm so happy! I need a splash of cold, depressing reality! Come see the LaToya Ruby Frazier exhibit which documents her hometown of Braddock, PA, a post-industrial town that has seen its population plummet from over twenty thousand to less than five thousand. Fun!


Kathryn Spence's scrappy fox sculpture

Kathryn Spence at Front Gallery, 4 to 6 pm (runs through July 27). Kathryn Spence makes sculptural objects through the time-honored method of combining crap with crap. Among the crap used to create this exhibit is string, wire, mud, "how to wash" labels, "do not remove" upholstery and mattress tags, "do not eat" desiccant packets, hair, money, beanie babies, "Ken" dolls, and petroleum jelly.

Work in progress--beading Rosine Kouamen's piece for Coming Through the Gap in the Mountain on an Elephant

Coming Through the Gap in the Mountain on an Elephant featuring Regina Agu, Gregory Michael Carter,  Nathaniel Donnett, Robert Hodge, Autumn Knight, Rosine Kouamen, Lovie Olivia, Phillip Pyle II, Sehba Sarwar, Michael Kahlil Taylor, and Monica Villareal and curated by Robert Pruitt at Texas Southern University - University Museum, 7:30 pm (runs through August 25). This show has something to do with old World's Fairs, and the title seems to reference Hannibal. That's all I know, but this line-up of artists makes it a pretty safe bet!


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