Monday, September 16, 2013

Real Estate Art #5: 201 Shasta Dr.

Robert Boyd

Do you have $2.7 million dollars burning a hole in your pocket? If so, this beautiful house on Shasta Dr. in Hunter's Creek can be yours.

According to HCAD, it currently belongs to Dr. Alan Stanton, who is a dentist. I have no idea where he's moving or why--none of my business--but I was impressed with his art collection.

This large abstract painting is a bold splash of color in an otherwise pale, colorless room. I can't identify it. I get a mild Dorothy Hood vibe, but the shapes don't seem quite right. Any of you eagle-eyed art mavens know?

The two black-and-white paintings in this room seem more in keeping with the house's generally chilly interior. (Notice the awesome geode on the bottom left.)


That color-constrained elegance was carried over here. You almost expect Bryan Ferry to walk through the room--or at least for his music to be on the stereo.

This room has several smaller pieces, including the sculpture on the right resting on a mirrored pedestal.

Finally, here is one more shot of the exterior, featuring two mammoth geodes. I doubt they come with the house.

OK readers, I leave it to you--can you identify any of the art in this house? I can't, although three paintings here remind me of Dorothy Hood, in terms of her handling of paint.



  1. i believe the portrait on the forth picture is ray phillips

    1. I think your right--a little Googling has lead me to a reproduction of that piece online, in fact: It's called Face. Phillips is a Houston artist--his website is I've seen his work before, but I would never have been able to identify that particular painting. Good eye!