Monday, March 31, 2014


Robert Boyd

I was reading a review of the CORE Fellows show on Glasstire, and I was impressed by the reviewer's comment, "They offer no entry point: something beautiful or relatable or humorous to help us see the world as they do." I liked that because I often feel the same way. The reviewer was Casey Gregory.

photo from Artstroller feturing painitngs by Casey Gregory

Casey Gregory is also responsible for a Houston art blog, Artstroller. Partly responsible. Also contributing is eighteen-month-old daughter Clemintine. Hence the title of the blog. The subtitle states, " Clementine and Casey Gregory take on the Texas art scene, one stroller-outing at a time." Sometimes the posts are all photos, sometimes there is quite a bit of text. I liked her review of Sarah Sudhoff's performance at Nicole Longnecker Gallery because she could relate it to her own experience as a somewhat new mother. Her discussion of Anton Ginzburg's work up at the Blaffer was excellent as well.

And I love the title, Artstroller. It reminds me of Sig Byrd's classic column for the old Houston Press, "The Stroller." It suggests that these trips to the museums and galleries are not about blog posts but are instead about passing the time. And if a post happens to be the result, so be it. (I don't know if this is how Gregory views it--it may be that each outing is done with the intent of writing a blog post. )

The blog has been running since April of last year, but I only became aware of it relatively recently. Now that Gregory is writing more frequently for Glasstire, I worry she won't have time for her own blog. I hope not, though. I like these casual stroller outings a lot.

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