Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Place to Avoid If You Are Considering Becoming an Art Major

Robert Boyd

"[South Carolina state] lawmakers voted Monday against restoring $70,000 taken from the budgets of the College of Charleston and University of South Carolina-Upstate for assigning a couple of gay-themed books to freshmen.

"Now everyone gets to play.

"On Tuesday, the House will decide whether to withhold $1 million from each public college until they ban using "pornographic content" (definition TBD) in classes and requiring students to take a class that includes a nude model." ["MORNING BUZZ: S.C. House budget bull's-eye shifts to 'pornographic content,' nude modeling," Andrew Shain and Jamie Self, The State, March 11, 2014]

1 comment:

  1. Glad they took care of the porno problem in drawing classes.Always got to me, those sooooo sexy models, I even had to teach how to draw them. Anyway....who takes teaches drawing anymore?
    What good is that?