Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Columbus Part 1: CXC

Robert Boyd

Welcome to The Great God Pan's first podcast. Please excuse my learning curve. In this episode, I take a trip to Columbus, Ohio, to experience the first-ever Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (aka CXC) festival.

(Or download it here.)

The photo above is a life mask of Milton Caniff which is property of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.

Links and photos from CXC (more or less in the order mentioned in the podcast):

In front of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum

Chris Sperandio with a Calvin and Hobbes at the Billy Ireland 

Jaime Hernandez

left to right: Tom Spurgeon (the Comics Reporter), Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics Books), Jim Rugg and Chip Mosher (Comixology)

Christopher Sperandio at Sol-Con

Ben Passmore at Sol-Con

Daygloayhole issues 1 and 2

Bill Griffith at the Billy Ireland

Jim Rugg and Gregory Benton at the Billy Ireland

Derf Backderf and Dylan Horrocks

Good-bye, Chunky Rice by Craig Thompson

Hark, A Vagrant by Kate Beaton

Dylan Horrocks being interviewed by Tom Spurgeon

Dylan Horrocks being interviewed by Gil Roth for Virtual Memories

Chris Pitzer, publisher of Adhouse Books

Paul Lyons at Hidden Fortress Press

Katie Skelly and her big check with Tom Spurgeon


  1. Huzzah, Robert! Congrats on the new podcast. I enjoyed listening to it this afternoon. You're knowledge and enthusiasm about comics is evident. I look forward to more. (And thanks for the mention and link -- it is inspiring me to dust off my own Yeti soon....)

    1. Thanks Brian. Yes, please--more Spill Some Stuff. I am still a rank amateur with this medium, but I am already thinking of ways to improve my podcasts.