Friday, June 18, 2021

Robert Boyd's Book Report: Faust part one, translated by Randall Jerrell

 Robert Boyd

Today I talked about Goethe's Faust: Part One, translated by poet Randall Jarrell. I've read a bunch of translations of Faust over the years, starting with the Walter Kaufmann translation, then the version in The Essential Goethe, and the Faust translated by Philip Wayne, which are briefly discussed in this video. Also mentioned are the drawings and prints of Faust by Eugène Delacroix, music based on Goethe's poetry by Gounod, Mendelssohn, and Schubert (also mentioning Houston painter Earl Staley's designs for Gounod's opera Faust.) I'm hoping YouTube will let me keep the video up given that I used copyrighted music in it--we'll see, I guess!

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