Monday, January 18, 2010

Wishing Well for Houston

I saw a whole bunch of shows this weekend, and some of them were really good. I would be writing about them here except that pays me to cover them over there! Sweet deal, right? But for those Pan readers--both of you guys--who are feeling neglected, I figured I better at least link to my other pieces.

So one of the shows was an installation called Wishing Well for Houston (at the Art League). I tried something I had never done before. Employing the video function on my Sony Cybershot, I interviewed one of the three artists who made the Wishing Well. You can hear my awkward questions and Brian Piana's gracious answers here at 29-95.

So go to the Art League and check it out. And while you are there, you can feast your eyes on the inspiring and sometimes moving art of the best of Houston's high school artists, the Scholastic Gold Key art exhibit. I think the Art League hosts this every year. If you took art classes in high school, you are probably familiar with this. I entered every year and never made it. Well, looking at this art, I can see why. These kids blow me away with thier talent. So a great two-fer at the Art League. Check it out.

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