Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recent Aquisitions--Melissa Thorne and anonymous

Robert Boyd

I went to the Melissa Thorne thing at Optical Project. What she was showing was basically two big curtains and a vinyl record.

So kind of a weird little show... More of a listening party, really.

But it was kind of interesting seeing this colored vinyl record. Such things used to be common. Bill Davenport complained that he had to relearn the now defunct skill of carefully lifting the needle off the record and gently setting down on the record without scratching the record. (People my age not only could perform this delicate operation easily, but we could do it while completely stoned.)

So partly out of vinyl nostalgia, and partly because it was a limited edition, I bought a copy of the record.

Then, in a consumerist frenzy, I also bought this:

What is it? This detail explains all:

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