Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Slow Posting in November

by Robert Boyd

Hello Pan readers! I have a big professional exam in December and will be spending the month of November studying for it. That doesn't mean I won't write any Pan posts, but I'll slow down considerably from the breakneck pace of October (we averaged 1.3 posts per day in October, which is a record). I'll still be writing some (and of course fellow blogger Dean Liscum will be writing some). But mostly I'll be studying. And where will I be studying? In Fondren Library at Rice University. Not only is it a place highly conducive to concentrating, it is absolutely filled with art. For example, it has two gigantic (120" x 96") Dorothy Hood paintings that you see when you come in the front entrance.

Dorothy Hood, Nebula at the Edge of Time, oil on canvas, 1970

Dorothy Hood, Extensor of the Sky, oil on canvas, 1979

I think these paintings are gorgeous. She is clearly addressing the sublime here (her titles say as much). Hood, a Houston artist, was famous for her large abstract paintings. When I see them, I am reminded of Clyfford Still. They both had abrupt breakages between colors. In Still's case, these breakages have always reminded me of peeling bark. In Hood's case, they seem a bit more like rocks that have been split revealing colorful minerals inside.


Calling all writers/photographers/cartoonists! Now is a good time to remind Pan readers--if you are interested in writing for a quirky, low-readership art blog, I'm interested in you. Especially now, I would welcome any interesting contributions. They don't have to be exhibit reviews--on the contrary, I would love to read and publish your personal essays, your aphorisms, you scene reports, your manifestos, your photo essays, your biting cartoons, your book reviews, etc. Contact me at robertwboyd2020@yahoo.com and let's talk.


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