Saturday, November 12, 2011

Your Moment of Texas Art History

by Robert Boyd

Joseph M. Glasco
Joseph M. Glasco, untitled, mixed media collage on paper, 1978 (care of artnet)

Joseph Glasco (1925-1996) was an abstract expressionist painter who grew up in Texas, lived in New York, and later moved back to Galveston, where he had a studio. He had the single most impressive work in Fresh Paint. And Donald Baechler was briefly his studio assistant.
In February 1981 [...] I found a temporary job in Joe Glasco's studio, where I worked for a month while his regular assistant was on sabbatical.
My job had two main parts: to roll joints for Joe while he painted on scraps of canvas, and to glue his paintings together with gallons of Elmer's glue. [No. 1: First Works by 362 Artists]


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