Monday, October 8, 2012

Pan Art Fair update

Robert Boyd

The Pan Art Fair web site has been updated. Now instead of looking like a Blogger blog, it looks like an exceedingly primitive webpage from 2002. (Next year I have to ditch DIY and get someone who knows what they are doing to make the Pan Art Fair web site.)

You will notice that there is a new link--the "Friends of the Pan Art Fair." This is a very low-impact club. Members have no responsibilities whatsoever. The only requirement for membership is that you tell me that you want to be a Friend of the Pan Art Fair. Leave a comment, tell me on our Facebook page, or email me at

And here is some art that may be at the Fair. Enjoy.

a piece by Hilary Harnischfeger courtesy of Front Gallery

work by Monica Vidal courtesy of Front Gallery



  1. I want to be a friend of Pan Art Fair!

    1. Earl Staley and Mary Margaret Hansen want to be friends and ask if the is a mint drawer available?