Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pan Recommends for the week of August 15 to August 21

Robert Boyd

This is a weird week for art in Houston. Late summer is always a little light, but when was the last time there were no big openings on Saturday? Friday, on the other hand, looks quite busy--I don't see how anyone can hope to see it all. (But I'll try.)


Good Fences Make Good Neighbors by the Art Guys, on the sidewalks around City Hall downtown, 11 am to 1 pm. The Art Guys will walk around downtown with portable fences around them, making it very hard for annoying pests to get right up in their grills.

Buster Graybill, Tush Hogs (at Frieze New York in 2012)

Feral by Buster Graybill at the Art League, 6 to 9 pm. Buster Graybill's Tush Hogs, combination minimalist sculptures/wild animal feeders finally make their way to Houston. This show has been hotly anticipated by the local squirrel population.

The Trojan Box: BOX 13 Artspace at the Art League, featuring Kelly Alison, Daniel Bertalot, Elaine Bradford, Karen Brasier-Young, Michelle Chen-Dubose, Jennifer Ellison, Monica Foote, Quinn Hagood, Dennis Harper, Michael Henderson, Janine Hughes, Kathy Kelley, Jonathan Leach, David McClain, Jennifer McNichols, Tudor Mitroi, Kristy Peet, Mark Ponder, J. Michael Stovall and Alonso Tapi, from 6 to 9 pm. Box 13's resident artists (who include some of Houston's finest) haul their stuff from Segundo Barrio over to Montrose. Amazingly, it all fits in that little box.

I think this one is by Dylan Conner. No, it's by Alex Larsen.

Dylan Conner/Alex Larsen: States of Matter at Avis Frank Gallery, 6 to 8 pm. Another pair of artists with studios on the East Side (in El Rincón Social) are moving uptown--or to the Heights, at least. The art world may shut down for the most part in August, but one side benefit of that is that established galleries feel the freedom to experiment a bit.

ink art by Jose Cordova

Just Ink (chapter 3) at the East End Studio Gallery featuring Robin Baker, Austin Simmons, Heather Gordy, David Pilgrim, Jamey Franklin, Tina Higgins, Carolina Guzman, Michel Draper, Catfish Perez, Lizbeth Ortiz, No L, Robin Silvers, Jessica Guerra, Vincent Fink, Francisco Montes, Jason Scholte, Blue One Thirty, Angela Obenhaus, Luke Poteete, Cynthia Vela, Katharine Kearns, Veronica Vega, Saida Fagala, Kelly Kielsmeier, Sophia Luna, John Paul Luna, Dinora Alonso, Allison Currie, Matt Gantt, Rachel Racz, Melinda Patrick, Christine Lopez Browning, Jamie Kinosian, Jessi Jordan, Bruce Small, Stephanie G. Garcia, Fini Jo, Johnnie Rosales Jr., Julie Zarate, Lee E. Wright, Sarah Cloutier, Jennifer Hernandez, Jose Cordova, Kimm Schlosser, April Roseberry, Sarah Paul, Michael C. Rodriguez, Ack!, Jessica Gonzalez, Erik Martinez, TOK, Joshua Perales, Melissa Dorris, Jose Alonso and Marcus Leonard, from 6 to 10 pm. Of course, some artists stay on the East End--you gotta go to them. Just Ink (chapter 3) is a one-night only show.


Art Car: The Movie at the Orange Show, 6 pm to 11 pm. Filmmakers Ford Gunter and Carter Ahrens followed Rebecca Bass as she led her high school class in a project to complete an art car for the annual Art Car Parade. The film begins at dusk, which should be about 8 pm.


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