Monday, August 26, 2013

Sign Up to Receive the Pan Weekly Report

Robert Boyd

Our pledge to you--the Pan Weekly Report is not spam

You may have noticed a little widget over to the right that is commanding you to "subscribe to our mailing list," which I admit is somewhat curious wording. We actually want you to subscribe to our weekly reports. These weekly emails will be summaries and links to all the posts from the previous 7 days. They will be sent out every Thursday.

(If you are reading this on a phone, you may not see the sign-up form. It is only visible if you are viewing this blog through a web browser like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.)

In addition, we'll be sending out occasional updates for the Pan Art Fair.

We won't share your email addresses with Nigerian scammers (who, let's be honest here, already have your email address) or companies who promise you a "weird trick" to pick up women or anyone else. Nor will we fill your email boxes with daily Pan spam. Just a weekly report and an occasional Pan Art Fair notice. So if you are one of those people who still uses email for stuff, please sign up!


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