Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pan Recommends for the week of October 3 to October 9

Robert Boyd

Quite a bit going on this week, including the Fringe Festival, a big show at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, and a new gallery opening up in Houston, The Mission.


 Frame Dance Productions will be at the Fringe Festival

The 2013 Fringe Festival at Frenetic Theatre, The Barn, Super Happy Fun Land and Bohemeo's starting a various times at various venues (see the calendar for details). The Fringe Festival (which actually started yesterday) returns in a more compact form (no longer spread out over multiple weekends) with many dance, music, theater, etc. performances.


Charles Hutson, A Dry Autum, watercolor, 9 x 13 inches, c. 1920

Natural Wonder: Charles Hutson Memorial exhibition at d. m. allison, 6–8 pm. Charles Hutson (1840-1936) was a Civil War veteran who took up painting in his 60s. This pop-up show (through Saturday) includes an auction of Hutson works, which can be seen here.

Raul Gonzalez

Consider All Things: Hiyme Brummett and Raul Gonzalez at Main Street Projects, 6–9 pm. Raul Gonzalez took his art back to school to get an MFA at UTSA. But now he's back to show something to the barfies at Double Trouble, along with fellow exhibitor Hiyme Brummett.


Margaret Meehan

we were them: Margaret Meehan at David Shelton Gallery, 6–8 pm. I'm down for any Margaret Meehan show, but how can she top her photos of the bloody but elegant female albino sasquatch boxer?

Melissa Thorne's installation in progress at Devin Borden Gallery

Melissa Thorne: A Wall Around a Window at Devin Borden Gallery, 6–8 pm. Melissa Thorne's installation looks interesting, but the description is kind of a bummer: "Melissa Thorne explores memory, familiarity, history and transformation..."

A lot of stairs to climb in the old lighthouse

Lighthouse in the Sea of Time: Zineb Sedira at Blaffer Art Museum, 6–9 pm. Pictures of Algerian lighthouses and interviews with Algerian lighthouse keepers. (Lighthouse keeper is my dream job.)

Ann Stautberg

Ann Stautberg: New Work at Avis Frank, 6 to 8 pm. Ann Stautberg hand-colors black and white photographs. Looks interesting.


Neil Patrick Harris by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders: The OUT List at Hiram Butler Gallery, 11 am – 1 pm. The slick photographer of Latinos, supermodels, artists, African-Americans, fashionistas, musicians, politicians and above all, celebrities, now has a series of portraits of LGBTQ people (especially LGBTQ celebrities).

Beatrice Coron, Chaos City

Sprawl at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft featuring Dylan J. Beck, Kathryn Clark, Beatrice Coron, Dustin Farnsworth, Julia Gabriel, Nancy Nicholson, Sara Pfau, Keith Renner, Paul Sacaridiz, Carrie Schneider, E. Ryan Simmons, Demitra Thomloudis, Norwood Viviano, Ashley Wahba, Dane Youngren and Andrea Zeuner, 5:30 to 8 pm. An ambitious concept, but wouldn't it have been more appropriate to have this in Stafford or Kingwood? The show will also feature a bunch of speakers over the next few weeks,but I would suggest also getting the great old Houston band Sprawl back together for a performance as well.

Inka-Maaria Jurvanen

Inka-Maaria Jurvanen: Laughter Without Laugher at Redbud Gallery, 6–9 pm. I don't get the title of this show by Finnish artist Inka-Maaria Jurvanen. Her art reminds me a bit of Roger Brown's.

Mark Hogensen

Draw up a chair, please featuring new work by Mark Hogensen at Ggallery, 6 to 9 pm. Just as the name of the show implies, these are drawings of chairs and tables. Come by and set a spell.

Susan Giles, Horizontal CN Tower

The Mission Inaugural Group Show featuring Susan Giles, Jeroen Nelemans, EJ Hill, Erica Bohm, Adam Gondek and Missy Weimer at The Mission, 6:30–8:30 pm. Since gallerist Joan Wich died, her space at 4411 Montrose has been the site for a variety of pop-ups and short term leases. Now it will be getting a long-term occupant, the Houston branch of Chicago's Mission gallery. Scuttlebutt had The Mission specializing in Latin American art, but this inaugural show mostly features North American artists.

Paisaje Roto / Passage Rot: Jorge Galván Flores at Fresh Arts, 5–10 pm, in association with the Winter Street and Spring Street Studios open house. Jorge Galván Flores's exhibit has something to do with topiary, which means it will be awesome, but even if it's not, there will be a ton of open studios to check out at Winter and Spring Street.

David Polizter, Sea Cliffs, Boothbay Harbor, 2012

Emily Peacock: You, Me & Diane and David Politzer: When You’re Out There at Galveston Arts Center, 6–8 pm. If you missed the initial run of Emily Peacock's You, Me and Diane at Lawndale in 2012, here's your chance to see these surprisingly heartwarming recreations of Diane Arbus photos. David Politzer's work has also been shown at Lawndale--his ironic images of national park dioramas and gift shops will take on an extra poignancy now that the Republicans in Congress have caused all the national parks to close.


Hillerbrand and Magsamen and co.

Hillerbrand and Magsamen: A Fluxus Practice in Suburbia at Alabama Song, 7:30–9:30 pm. AKA "Getting your children involved in amusingly absurd artistic antics before they become teenagers and start rolling their eyes with disgust whenever you say, 'Hey, kids--wanna make some art with mom and dad today?'"


Gerardo Mosquera: all art critics should wear hard hats

Gerardo Mosquera: "Infinite Islands: Art, Internationalization, and Cultural Dynamics", lecture at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 4:30–5:30 pm. The Cuban curator and critic speaks. If you happen to be free in the afternoon on Wednesday (unlike me), this should be quite interesting.


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