Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pan Recommends for the week of November 28 to December 4

Robert Boyd

I figured that there'd be nothing happening artwise this weekend. Still it's slow compared to the average week, as you might expect. The Museum of Fine Arts, CAMH and the Menil are open Friday (I'm not sure about Diverse Works, the Art League or Lawndale). This might be a good time to catch up on your viewing--I know I want to see the CAMH's big abstraction shows again (for the third time).


Patrick Renner, Alex Larsen and Eric Todd's ambitious float design. Looks oddly familiar!

Thanksgiving Day Parade in downtown Houston, 9 am til whenever. The parade was almost cancelled this year, but was saved in part due to the actions of the HAA and independent curator Diane Barber, who have roped a bunch of Houston artists into making floats, including Patrick Renner, Alex Larsen and Eric Todd. Glasstire has the story (that's where I got the image above from). Thanksgiving saved by artists. Who'd a thunk it?


Take the day off, Houston.


yes, that is a piece of carved wood by Troy Wood

The Story… featuring Troy Woods at the Galveston Arts Center, 6:30–8:30 pm. Troy Woods will be showing his sleek, formally inventive sculptures.

“Black Saturday” – A tribute to Bert Long, Jr. featuring work by Bert Long, Jr, Dr. John Biggers, Lester Marks, Daniel Johnston, Daniel Anguilu, Jim Adams, Ian Anderson, The Alter Girls, John Berry, Vonetta Berry, Michaels Chukes, Kyle Fu, Matthew Gannt, Kentra Gilbert, Gonzo247, Mitch Samuel Grystar, Janet Hassinger, Jim Hatchett, J.P. Hartman, Paula Hawkins, Eric Harker, Paul Horn, Eric James, Marjory Johnston, Solomon Kane, Randall Kallinen, Chicago Kim, Shelly Shanks Lockwood, Lionel Lofton, Jonatan Lopez, Van MacFarland, Marthann Masterson, Mark Masterson, Lynet McDonald, Christian Perkins, Jonathan Rosenstein, John Runnels, Charlie Jean Sartewell, Alfredo Scaroina, Louise Schlachter, Greg Scott, Khalil Taylor, Monica Vidal, Dianne Webb and Victor Zambrano at Black Heritage Gallery, 7-10 pm. An overstuffed show organized by the indefatigable Solomon Kane in honor of the recently deceased Long.

 34 people drawn by Russell Etchen
About Seven Hundred Twenty People and About One Hundred Rocks: Drawings by Russell Etchen at Kaboom Books From 7-10 PM. The former Houstonian (current Austinite), Sketch Klubb member and founder of Domy, Russell Etchen has a bunch of drawings to show us.

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