Friday, March 12, 2010

More Powhida

The dude has pissed some people off. Accusing him of being a fame whore or criticizing his work on the basis that it will be incomprehensible (and irrelevant) 20 years from now is beside the point. The same could be said of any political cartoonist. The point is, are the criticisms Powhida is making valid? I think they are, and I think the fact that his actual criticisms (that a small number of superstar collectors are determining what is the best art and what gets collected and shown by museums, and that this seems likely to distort the world of art and to be corrupt) are not addressed in the Art Fag City post is pretty telling.

And I also think my purchasing of his print from 20x200 was very opportune! (Unintentionally, I swear.)

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