Friday, November 26, 2010

Laurel Nakadate, Humiliating People in the Name of Art Once Again

If there was any doubt about the moral vacuity of Laurel Nakadate's art, this new video demolishes it. She brought porn performers in, telling them that they were reading for a role. She then had them read poems by Dora Malech. The "try-outs" were the roles in the video. The porn actresses are wearing lingerie, woodenly reading these poems, occasionally mispronouncing hard words. Jeez, I hope these women at least got paid for it.(I wonder what Malech thought?)

Whatever her artistic justification, the effect of this is to humiliate these women. It's like the mirror image of Beg For Your Life. To me, her work says this: "I'm Laurel Nakadate, artist-exploiter, and pathetic, unself-aware, uneducated people are my medium."

Untitled from laurel nakadate on Vimeo.

I feel guilty for even disseminating this...

I know a lot of people think Nakadate is just great. If you think that, I welcome you to explain why in the comments.

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