Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Wish Someone Would Make a Chart Like this for Houston

Ward Shelley, Williamsburg Timeline Drawing, Serigraph, 2002

Ward Shelley has been attracting a lot of attention for his beautiful hand-drawn data visualizations, like this taxonomy/history of science fiction.

Ward Shelley, The History of Science Fiction, ver. 1, ink and markers (?) on paper

His history of art in Williamsburg (a hip, artsy neighborhood in Brooklyn) is detailed and rewards close examination. As readers of this blog know, I like looking at Houston's art history (see here and here). I follow some great blogs by older Houston artists who offer great insights to what happened in Houston, artwise (see Earl Staley and M. M. Hansen). But it's hard to put it all together. Hey Ward Shelley--are you up to the challenge of doing a visual art history of a place you likely know nothing about?

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