Monday, March 7, 2011


I just had to quote this from Earl Staley's blog.
Friday is breakfast with my friends. They were all there. Bill is going to Paris next week to do the Picabia thing. I enjoy talking with him about the BAD Picabia’s that never make the history books. Remindes me of my bad years. First I was a “Bad Painter” and then I was a bad artist and today I am enjoying the fruit of those years. To quote Charley Sheen, " WINNER!"
Staley then goes on to casually dismiss Jim Nolan's show at Art Palace, Heimir Björgúlfsson's show at CTRL, and the Heyd Fontenot show at Inman, before he praises a show I somehow didn't even hear about--Sfumati Nudi by George Krause. The photos from the show look really good! I may disagree with some of his brusque opinions (we disagree about Jim Nolan's show, obviously), and I wish he'd name names when he slags off an artist's work, but damn if he isn't an important voice locally. Put Staley's blog, Professor Art, in your RSS Feed.

George Krause installation with Earl Staley (not sure who the photographer is!)

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  1. The Professor takes no notes when dropping by a gallery.The names slip by as does the art.He longs to see something that holds his attention or makes the hair on the back of his head stand up. Perhapes at Box 13 this Saturday at 7-7:30 pm it will happen.
    Thanks for the mention.