Sunday, March 13, 2011

Please Welcome Dean Liscum

Dean Liscum at Box 13's fundraiser, The Empty Box. Photo by Robert Boyd

by Robert Boyd

A few weeks ago I asked readers if there were any of you who might be interested in contributing to The Great God Pan is Dead on an occasional basis. One writer answered the call--Dean Liscum. My hope is that between the two of us, we can cover Houston's art scene better than I could do solo (as well as covering any other art topics that interest us). I asked Dean to describe himself, and he wrote this:
Dean Liscum is an inveterate art observer. He's written about the Houston art scene online ( and in a number of Houston periodicals including ArtsHouston (now defunct) and Houston Free Press.
One thing I found striking about Dean is that he has something of a similarity to me in that we are both more-or-less middle-aged guys who live in the suburbs and really like art. We get in our cars and schlep into the inner Loop to see what's happening. For us, art is a hobby that we feel passionate about. For our peers, it might be golf or hunting or collecting baseball cards or classic automobiles or the Rockets. But we chose art for some reason.

But despite this similarity, I'm hoping that you'll find that Dean's opinions are not the same as mine. It was my goal in adding additional bloggers that I would be adding additional points of view.

There will be a few other changes on the blog. I have always been a bit fast and loose with the photo credits--obviously that will change. And each blog post will have a byline now. I hope readers enjoy Dean's contributions, and please remember that I am still interested in expanding the number of voices here. There's no money involved--this is purely a hobby, an amateur operation--and I can't even promise "exposure" since we have a pretty small readership (an average of 272 page views a day this year). So if you can get past that giant lack of incentive, we'd be interested in your voice and your opinions.

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