Saturday, June 18, 2011

What I did at Nohegan East art camp this summer

By Dean Liscum

Have you heard of the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture's nine week summer arts residencies in which 65 artists are provided studios and housing in Maine and encouraged to produce art through workshops and collaborations with their peers? Great. This ain't that even though it's loosely modeled after it sans the studios and housing, time (additional 8 1/2 weeks), and idyllic weather.

It's also not a bohemian weekend of sex, alcohol, drugs, rock and roll, and nude horseback riding by sensitive artists who feel entitled to such things to create their art.

What Nohegan East is is "an art-making weekend with a focus on community" organized and run by Elaine Bradford, Dennis Nance, and Emily Link. Participants eat, drink, make merry, and participate in workshops lead by attending artists.

During it, I made a blanket fort.

lead by Brit Barton and Caitlin McCollom
I learned how to do sun prints.

as taught by Dennis Nance and Emily Link
I learned how to make a dream catcher-magic stick combo.
as lead by Carlos Rosales-Silva
I learned how to make a boat out of trash (and escape a repressive government run by an out-of-touch, meglo-maniacial figurehead...not Rick Perry but good guess).

lead by Paul Middendorf
I learned how to properly package a piece of art work for shipping.

lead by Jonathon Leach
I learned how to underwater basket weave.

lead by Sasha Dela (sans water)
I learned how to self-publish an exhibition catalog (or any other type of publication) on the cheap.

lead by Rachel Hooper (avec water)
However, I didn't do everything. Campers also made a pilgrimage to the Blue Bell Ice Cream "factory", filmed a video, got career advice from other artists, showed classic movies, danced to a live band, and fondled livestock (both real and bronze "dolls").

Wanna know more? You'll have to visit the exhibition about Nohegan East in August 2011 at Box 13.


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  1. This looks and sounds great. Glad you are getting to do great things like this.