Saturday, September 29, 2012

Become a Friend of Pan Art Fair

The Pan Art Fair is two galleries, two artists, and one slightly crazy blog publisher in one hotel suite. But maybe you think, hey, I could get a suite myself. Maybe I could have my own tiny satellite art fair. If that's what you're thinking, I like the way you think!

The Embassy Suites in downtown Houston

Therefore I want to make a modest offer. If anyone else rents a suite at Embassy Suites during the days October 18-21 for the purpose of exhibiting art, I will list it here on The Great God Pan Is Dead and on a page on the Pan Art Fair website. No obligation--just some comradely co-promotion. If you are an artist or a group of artists reading this blog and within driving distance of Houston, think about doing a hotel room show at the Embassy Suites during the Texas Contemporary Art Fair. If enough of us do this, we'll have a really interesting alternative art happening.

So any artist displaying at the Embassy Suites at the same time we do shall be known as a Friend of the Pan Art Fair--first class. And if anyone else wants to be listed as a friend of the Pan Art Fair, let me know! 


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