Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pan Art Fair

Robert Boyd

Art fairs inspire strong feelings in people. Some artists hate them because they are so nakedly capitalist and are essentially flea markets for the ruling class. (These artists prefer to get paid by non-profit organizations, which shields them from the responsibility of knowing where the money's coming from.) Some galleries hate them because they are expensive and risky and force gallerists to become bazaar hagglers. Some fair goers hate the food (me!) and hate the bad, loud, art fair art (me again!). Some artists hate art fairs because they will only let galleries display work (artists can't buy a booth solo) and some galleries hate art fairs because they are too expensive for said gallery to attend.

But I also like art fairs. I like being able to see a bunch of galleries (and a big bunch of art) all at once. I like being able to see out-of-town galleries. I grew up going to comic book conventions, and art fairs are basically the same thing, except more expensive, more fashionable and less nerdy. They are places where you and a lot of your friends come together to look at art and hang out. And that's not a bad thing.

That's why I decided to put on my own art fair. The Pan Art Fair will be held from October 18 to the 21 (the same time as the Texas Contemporary Art Fair) in a suite at the Embassy Suites downtown, right across the street from Discovery Green. I'll have two individual artists and two galleries exhibiting:
Artist Exhibitors
Lane Hagood
Emily Peacock

Gallery Exhibitors
Front Gallery
Cardoza Fine Art
I won't know the room number until just before the fair, but check our Facebook page or website for updates.

Ever since Houston got not one but two mainstream art fairs, I have thought we needed some counterprogramming. The Pan Art Fair will be a real art fair, with artwork for sale to any collector with brave eyes. And I hope it will be seen as an alternative to the big boys in town.

And a final note to all artists reading this--renting a suite at the Embassy Suites is not all that expensive. If four artists get together, they could rent a suite for the entire length of TCAF for about $250 apiece. The Pan Art Fair will be there; why not you? Let 1000 flowers and alternative art fairs bloom!


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