Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pan Recommends for the week of March 14 to March 20

Robert Boyd


Ron Regé, Jr., The Cartoon Utopia p. 16, panel 6, January 20, 2009, 7" x 8.5"

Comics: Works From the Collection of Robert Boyd at the Emergency Room (402 Sewell Hall, Rice University) at 6 pm, with a talk at 7, up through April 11. I heard this was going to be excellent.


Tatiana Istomina, 26 Portraits: heads of Russiaʼs Federal Security Services (FSB) from 1917 to 2010, based on the official website of the FSB (detail: n. 17 and 24), 2010, watercolor on paper, a group of 26 drawings, 9" x 6"

2013 Core Exhibition with work by Miguel Amat, Anthea Behm, Jang Soon Im, Tatiana Istomina, Anna Elise Johnson, Senalka McDonald, Madsen Minax and Ronny Quevedo at the Glassell School of Art, 6 pm, running through April 21. The Core exhibit is always worth checking out, if also often somewhat perplexing. What are the odds that some piece of art in this show will include cinder blocks?

Melanie Loew, 2012, Oil on fabric, 11x14 inches 

Lynn Lane and Melanie Loew: Cats, Bunnies, and The Surface Value of It All at Fresh Arts, 6 pm, up through March 26. Photos and paintings of people with cats and/or bunnies? I'm there!

Katie Wynne, The Sylphides have the beast captured and are grooming him, 2011, cardboard, house paint, string, rope, tape, glue, fabrics, wood, furniture and architectural scraps, nails, screws, wrapping paper, metallic basket filler, sequins, motorized tie racks, a tassel, a poster and a plaid shirt, dimensions variable

6 shows at Lawndale (featuring work by Mike Beradino, Richard Nix, Rahul Mitra, Katie Wynne, Brian Benfer, Sharbani Das Gupta, Jessica Dupuis, John Emerson, Jeff Forster, Kamila Szczesna, Daniel Anguilu and Aaron Parizette) at 6:30, through April 20. Lots of interesting work on view, and I am especially intrigued to see the mural collaboration between a mandarin and the street (Parizette and Anguilu).


work by Ann Johnson

Municipal Dirt in Russ Pitman Park at Russ Pitman Park in Bellaire, 4 to 6 pm, up through April 26. Curated by Lucinda Cobley & June Woest and featuring James Ciosek, Lucinda Cobley, Melanie Crader, Michael Crowder, Danielle Frankenthal, Nelda Gilliam, Ann Johnson, Cathie Kayser, Mari Omori, Lelu Overbeck, Jennifer Overfield, Jacqueline Dee Parker, Lisa Qualls, Tecklenberg & Georgeson, Justin Varner, June Woest, and Jo Zider.Weather's supposed to be beautiful Saturday--that alone is a good excuse to go to the park. And all the art? Just a big bonus!

Family Values at UP Art Studio, 6 pm, open through March 23. Features work by the Bernal Family Collective with Luis Guzman, Sae 1, Bryan Cope, Megan Thiede, and Santiago Paez IV. I have no idea what to expect (I can't find any photos), but I'm intrigued by the family art collective aspect.
Angel by Paul Darmafall aka The Baltimore Glassman, 20x42, broken glass on found particle board, 1988

Plain Sight with Paul Darmafall, Richard Gordon Kendall and "Remmy" at 14 Pews, 6 pm. Three outsider artists (two from Houston).


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