Sunday, July 7, 2013

Shootout at Texas Art Supply

Robert Boyd

This is the "new" mural on Texas Art Supply on Voss Drive, just north of Westheimer. It replaces the old faded mural that had a similar West Texas theme. I don't know who painted it--Texas Art Supply's website doesn't say.  Susan and David Frye painted at least one of the earlier murals there (but not this one).

The murals on this building always fade after a while. That afternoon sun on that west-facing wall can be brutal. They tend to end up looking kind of shabby after a few years. But this one is still fresh with very vibrant colors.

UPDATE: Anonymous in the comments kind of shamed me into making a couple of calls. The mural is by Mark Lyons, who is an employee of Texas Art Supply at their Baybrook store.  You can see a little more of his work here.



  1. If only there were a way to find out who painted it that doesn't involve searching the web...

    1. Yeah, if only I wasn't too lazy to pick up the phone.