Thursday, December 10, 2009


Robert Boyd

Over on my other blog, I posted about Sig Byrd's Houston, a great collection of noirish newspaper columns from the 40s and 50s.  It turns out that Houston cartoonist (and Lawndale alum)  Scott Gilbert freely adapted one of the stories from Sig Byrd's Houston in 1996, and he has given me permission to reproduce it here.


  1. I may be getting my hands on Sig Byrd's Houston for a short period of time. Might try to scan and post it, if all things work out well.

  2. That sounds like a long, tedious project!

    What this book needs is a new trade edition. I don't want to oversell it, but I honestly think Houstonians would be amazed to read about the way this city once was--and vastly entertained as well.

    The story that Scott adapted is one of the most noirish in the book--the others range from humorous to sad to little street-corner symphonies. It definitely recalls a period when Houston was a town where folks walked a lot--lots of the stories Byrd picked up were probably within walking distance of the Press's offices!

  3. is it possible to buy a copy of this graphic adaptation? I would be extremely interested.

  4. The artist sez:

    Yes, it was in a big anthology called "Murder by Crowquill" published by Joe Zabel about 10 years ago.
    A copy might be available from Joe.

    --Scott G.