Friday, April 29, 2011

How is Your MFA Treating You?

By Robert Boyd

In my previous post, I did some cursory research into what happened to U.H. MFAs after graduation. But it occurs to me that I should ask you, the readers. So here are my questions. Only answer them if you have an art MFA from U.H.

1) When did you get your degree?
2) Do you live in the Houston area? If not, where do you live?
3) What is your primary source of income?
4) Do you make art with the intent of it eventually being viewed by the public and/or being offered for sale? (As opposed to making art exclusively for your own private pleasure.)

Please answer these questions in the comments. (Or if you would prefer to answer privately, email your answers to me at I will treat emailed answers as confidential.)

I hope to hear from all you U.H. MFAs out there!



  1. 1. 1989
    2. yes, inside the loop
    3. college teaching
    4. yes

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  3. Three down (two in email in addition to the one above), a few dozen to go! Keep em coming!

  4. Degree in 2006...still living in Houston but have begun my exodus to Brenham as I no longer teach high school and instruct at Blinn College...which would be my primary source of income.
    ...I do make art to be viewed and/or sold and do show around the states fairly frequently...but the day job is paying the bills.

  5. The day job pays most of our bills. But let me ask, were your teaching duties at the high school and now at Blinn art-related? I ask because I think teaching art is still being a part of the art environment, so even if your income is not directly derived from creating art, it is still art-related.