Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Forrest Bess on Antiques Roadshow

by Robert Boyd

On Antiques Roadshow last night (January 9, 2012), a owner of a Forrest Bess was flabbergasted to learn how valuable his painting was. The appraiser is Debra J. Force and the owner is from Tulsa, apparently. Maybe Robert Gober can contact him to include this piece in his mini-Forrest Bess exhibit that is going to be part of the Whitney Biennial this year. (Hat-tip to Scott Gilbert.)

(To read a first-person account of Bess, see this post by his last apprentice/assistant,Michael Senna.)



  1. man i want to find where that bait shop is around baytown, that whole coastal region is great, i grew up around there, gz

  2. I believe he lived on an island in Matagorda Bay near Chinquapin Rd., but I'm not certain. I know someone who was an assistant/student of his who would know. It would be a great pilgrimage spot for lovers of Texas art.

  3. Chinquapin is one of the last vestiges of the great fishing camps that have vanished from the Texas coast. Lots of character, and next to impossible to purchase property there. Hope it never changes.