Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Performance Art in Houston, Past and Future (NSFW)

by Robert Boyd

Julia Wallace and Jonatan Lopez are the artists behind Continuum, a performance art group that have done a variety of events since starting up in 2011. They put together a retrospective video of some of their 2011 activities. As that it includes several boobs, asses and dicks, it is quite possibly NSFW where you work.

Continuum, 2011 Highlights from Continuum PerformanceArt on Vimeo.

If this is the kind of performance art you're looking for, they have a new performance called KALI at The Orange Show coming up in February. In case you're thinking of bringing the kids, they warn that it is "FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY." You can help support this show on their Indiegogo page.

Constructed Chaos sculpture group

 But that's not all. There's an upcoming event called the Lone Star Performance Explosion that bills itself as the "Houston International Performance Art Biennale 2012." It lists the following performers:

Fantastic Nobodies (New York)
Myk Henry (New York / Ireland)
Arianne Foks (France)
Ville-Karel Viirelaid & Remo Randver (Estonia)
Jim Pirtle (Houston)
The Art Guys (Houston)
Nestor Topchy (Houston)
Elia Arce (California)
Jenny Schlief (Houston)
Jill Pangallo (Austin)
Nyugen Smith (New Jersey)
Emily Sloan (Houston)
Johnny Amore (Germany)
Elena Nestorova (Finland)
Natali Leduc (Canada/Houston)
Nancy Douthey (Houston)
Julie Wallace (Houston)
Daniel Adame (Houston)
Marcus Vincentes (Brazil)
Kim Ceol (Korea)

This looked so interesting that I linked to it on Pan's Facebook page. And here was Julia Wallace's reply, "It does sound awesome, I would love to perform, but I have never heard of it despite being listed as one of the performers!" A closer look at the otherwise excellent website listed no one in charge, no contact information, nothing! Very mysterious (and pretty damn presumptuous to list a performer who hadn't yet been invited). 

But the Lone Star Performance Explosion does have a Facebook page, so I posted a query there asking what the story was. I was surprised to get a response from Kelly Alison, a painter who I have never associated with performance art before. She wrote, "Robert, The Festival is being directed by Nestor Topchy and Myk Henry. It is non-profit. I am acting as administrator and event coordinator."

So there you have it! Nestor and Myk, I suggest you contact Julia Wallace and nicely ask her if she would like to participate. I think she might be game. And it would be cool if you put a little more information on your website (for example, contact info, ticket info, etc.) But aside from this, it looks great! Assuming all the performers you have listed are actually performing, this could end up being the FotoFest of performance--and that'd be a damn good thing to be!



  1. oops... well we are just now trying to put things together. I got the list from a REALLY well known local performance artist.. I will contact Julia Wallace right away.. thanks for the heads up..Kelly Alison

  2. Yay!! Mystery solved. Thanks Robert, You can email me here, Kelly: Looking forward to it! It looks like an amazing endeavor!